Tuesday, June 22, 2010

They weren't that innocent

Clarence and Walter have not always been the upright citizens they are today. They used to hang with a pretty wild crowd.  I dug out some photos of some of their past exploits.

They used to throw some wild parties.

Their friend, Felix, was a bad influence.

Felix, ahem, REALLY loved his vodka.

Walter used to fly a lot in those days and amassed quite the collection of regulation airplane-sized drinks. Portability was important to him.

Playing cards always led to more trouble.

Things got out of hand quickly.

Walter would often hallucinate.  The Fez Twins haunted his nightmares.

When Walter started channeling Jim Morrison and shouting, "I am the Lizard King! I can do anything!" The Aztec God would appear to chastise him.

The night would inevitably end badly.

Mistakes were made.

Regrets were had.

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  1. lol lol lol...love this for sure! Great job, and so fun to read and the photos are perfect! lol