Saturday, June 26, 2010

Definitely coming up on a full moon ...

Yesterday was an interesting day.
My little puppy friend, Eli, the sole survivor in a litter of 8, came by to visit and play in my office. Frances will not be happy when she returns to work with me Monday.

Here's Eli enjoying her bed, sort of like Goldilocks.

And this is Frances in her bed.

When I came home from work, I couldn't pull in my driveway, but had to park up the street and walk to my house because there had been a traffic accident right in front of my driveway!! This very young girl smashed her red SUV-thing right into the little white car in front of her. She crumpled his car all the way into his backseat! Her bumper was stuck crammed into the back of his car. I did not take pictures of the wreckage because I did not want to seem like the kind of person who takes pictures of accidents for fun. However, when I left my house a few hours later to join my husband & a friend downtown for dinner, I noticed they had left all the garbage from the wreck RIGHT SMACK IN MY DRIVEWAY!! I took a picture of that, along with the gas/oil leak in the road.

I swept it all up in a pile because I wanted Brett to see it when we got home and be as outraged as I was.  Those big black pieces of foam came out of a bumper. Nice to know that's all that's in there, huh?


  1. ELI! Frances! Holy cats, with that accident, were people OK?

  2. Everyone seemed okay-- no ambulances called. Grandview Ave is directly across the street from my driveway, and I suspect white-car-driver was slowed down or stopped to make a left turn onto Grandview- possibly without a signal- and red SUV-girl wasn't paying attention and just rammed right into him. I overheard that the guy in a car behind them was an off-duty officer who was on his way back from the gym who stopped to help with the accident.

  3. Holy crap. Also, I never thought about it, but is that really what they do when there's an accident? Just leave all the pieces there? Or are these people just accident slobs?

    Didn't you want soo badly to take a picture of it? Oh god. I would.

  4. I really did want to because the damage was tremendous and noone was hurt. That white car was TOTALLED. If the trees weren't in my way, I would've taken some with the zoom lens of my camera from a window in my house.