Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In which I require a Silkwood shower, and Frances steals all the chewies

When I got home from work tonight, I thought I'd clean out the fridge while water was boiling for my tea.
I found some stuff that made me VERY unhappy.
But the worst was some stuff that had been growing colossal amounts of mold. I think at one point it may have been corn.
Anyway, when I tapped the upside-down container into the trash to get the sh&t out, a dust cloud flew up! I started yelling that I created toxic mold and now it was floating in the air in my kitchen! (You should know I never talk to myself when I'm home. I save that for work so people think my mutterings are a sign that I AM VERY VERY BUSY and should not be interrupted.)
I kept yelling and screaming as I poured other disgusting expired food over the pile to try to contain the dust cloud and sort of tamp it down. It smelled SHARP. I bagged up that trash and got it out to the garage pronto.
I ran outta there like Pee Wee Herman with the snakes during the pet store fire:

Then pondered the necessity of a SIlkwood shower to remove any contaminants.

I bought chewies for the dogs when I was at the store yesterday. Frances has taken to not only hoarding them, but keeping all of them for herself, even though she can only chew one at a time.

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