Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Adorable? Aww shucks.

Damn! What a day for the ego! One resident, one maintenance man and one colleague told me I looked pretty in my dress today! AND THEN I get nominated for the Adorable Award by the esteemed Reverend Awesome. It almost makes up for discovering a resident in our copy room about to take a leak on a pile of copy paper. (He got confused looking for the men's room.) So my most heartfelt thanks to Adorable Reverend, and here are my obligatory 10 things about myself:

1. I like scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. 
2. My eyes have gotten greener as I've gotten older.
3. The sound of people eating for me is as nerve-jangling as nails on a chalkboard to other people.
4. I bruise like a goddamned peach.
5. My right leg is 1 1/2 inches longer than the left.
6. I hate pork.
7. I drink too much coffee.
8. Hugh Laurie frequently appears in my dreams, but only as Dr. House and not in a sexy way in the least.
9. I am tired of hearing about zombies.
10. I got a bad grade in kindergarten for using scissors oddly. I could cut things just damn fine, but Mrs. Hopkins didn't like free-thinkers and since I held my scissors differently, I needed to be punished.

And so, I nominate:

  • The fabulous Aimee at Raimen Pride. May the light never shine on "As the Nose Runs" while we're still alive & can deny authorship.
  • Marcy at Playtime at Hazmat. In honor of her ongoing war against Parents magazine & those who insist on erroneously sending it to her.
  • My dear friend Silsbee, if only for her casual use of the phrase "the bees' knees."

If you choose to accept this award, rules are as follows:

• Thank the person who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post.
• Tell us 10 things about yourself.
• Nominate your bloggers.
• Contact these bloggers, and let them know they received this award.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Of Muffins and Men

After an exhausting week, I decided to wear myself out at home as well. (I never said I was particularly smart.)

Yesterday being an unbearably rare gorgeous day, I resolved to do some work around our yard and try to make it look a little less like the junkyard where Fat Albert & his friends hung out.

I emptied our compost barrel & spread the goodness over what will be my vegetable garden once I dare put my tomato seedlings and seeds in the ground. I cleared 4 wheelbarrows-full of dead leaves & crap off this weird patio we have out behind our garage. We think it may be the foundation to the original house on this property. Anyway, it's like a little concrete stage out back, surrounded by trees and I'd like to make something nice of it, as it's the only shade we have. I also washed our sheets & comforter and put them out on the line to dry in the sun and breeze. Heaven must smell like line-dried blankies, I think. (Wow, this is an exciting post. Jeez.)

I also played with the Hipstamatic app on my phone. You can download different films & lenses to get different effects, and I tell you, the pictures turn out better than they do on my pseudo-DSLR. Here's some I've done, playing around with the different components.

This morning, I wanted to make something different for breakfast, and as I took a slug of coffee out of the beagle mug my friend Gary made, I thought of his many creative muffin recipes he posts on his blog so I made Cheddar Apple Corn Muffins.

They also make a great bread substitute in egg, cheese & sausage breakfast sammiches.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Cemeteries, part II

So I happened to be in my hometown this past weekend and got some pictures of the things I mentioned in my last post.
entrance to the cemetery in my hometown- statue with anchor at center

Yup- this is the on the back of a headstone

Okay, I feel a little bad putting this up and basically mocking it, but it's absolutely astounding. Note the can of Skoal, the confederate flag, the owl (?), wolves howling at the moon, and I'm not sure what's to the left of the guitar. Some kind of crane drinking from a stream? I shudder to think of how much money these people put into this headstone.

An unfortunate last name, but even worse all by itself on your grave.

And the piece de resistance- practically a tie with "Ready":

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I swear on my grandma's grave. Or Mr. Ready's. Whichever.

Oy. Things have been un peu of a whirlwind lately. I've been horribly delinquent in posting, not to mention reading & commenting on other blogs, so forgive me, please. I have two enormous events and two huge projects to finish at work this next week, then I'm finally taking some time off, telling some choice folks to go to hell and doing whatever I want.

Last weekend was supposed to be another family girls' weekend, this time in memory of my grandma who passed away five years ago last month. Well, that got cancelled due to some family members' health issues, but since we planned on being away all weekend, my sister and I did our own little tribute. We went to this fabulous diner called Chef's in Montour Falls. It was one of my uncle's favorite places to eat. We always had breakfast there when we went to his camp on Cayuta Lake. We realized it had been 15 years since he passed away, so we went in his honor. And for the biscuits.

Please note my sister posed in front of the very suggestive sign for the Town of Dix, in which we apparently had been visiting. Please! Come again!

We then drove over to Waverly, the teeny town where my both my parents grew up. There's a great Italian market there where we picked up some goodies and to our great surprise, saw they were selling FourLoko. Yup, that evil caffeine & alcohol beverage that was banned and (allegedly) pulled from shelves in New York. Not quite sure how this place got away with three shelves' worth, but we thought it was worth it to give it a try. (Note- tasted like chewable vitamins & made our heads spin.)

We were also stymied by the cryptic message on the market's sign. Seriously- can anyone tell me what that first abbreviation means? Sh!t ham? Sheet ham? Short ham? Short ham best friends? Sheet ham boyfriends? What the hell would that mean? The visuals it brings to mind are just staggering.

We did our duty and put flowers on the graves of all our family who are buried in the little cemetery a block away from my grandma's old house. It's odd to think that most of my relatives are buried here, 90 miles from where I grew up and 45 miles from where I live now. My great-grandfather is buried here- he was the first in our family to come to the States from Ireland. Kate took me to another cemetery across town where my grandfather's parents were buried- I never even knew about the other cemetery. (She only found it because she remembered the pizza place across the street, which made me feel better about my ignorance.)

Alice, John & Genevieve Murphy
(Genevieve was my grandma)
Denis Colman Murphy
It may sound kinda morbid, but I like cemeteries. They're peaceful, quiet, and I like seeing what people thought was important enough to put on their headstones to commemorate their lives. My great-grandfather, the one mentioned above, was a marble-cutter and obviously did a great deal of work in cemeteries, so maybe that's where it came from. He carved these beautiful stone gates outside a cemetery in Towanda, PA that I have to go see in person sometime. He died very early of marble-cutters' lung- the result of having inhaled years of tiny particles of stone. My grandma, her brother and sister were orphans before they were ten years old. While sad, I love this picture of the three of them, shortly after they lost their father. They're wearing sweaters someone made for them and the girls are holding dolls that were given to them and my great-uncle John has a kitten in his arms. My grandma Genevieve named her doll Martha and had it until she died. My aunt had Martha refurbished and she's kept safely at her house now.

Anyway, so I find gravemarkers very interesting. Some are terribly sad, some are in horribly bad taste. In the cemetery in my hometown, there's a kid who died in car accident has a can of chewing tobacco engraved on his headstone. It also has a line from his favorite song. Now, usually, one chooses to quote a song lyric that is meaningful or expressive. The one on this gentleman's grave reads,"Fly high, Free Bird, Yeah." Ahem. (I had a picture of this but it appears my conscience won out and I don't have it anymore. Sorry.) My favorite headstone, however, belongs to an acquaintance of my parents who was such a foodie that he had a plate of spaghetti and meatballs engraved on the back of his marker.

There's also interesting statuary. Not the religious stuff- yeah, I get your jesuses, your virgin marys, your st. francises. It's the statues that don't seem to correlate with a saint that I find so fascinating. There's one in that cemetery in my hometown that has nautical imagery- it's a woman with a star on her head and an anchor in her hand. What does that mean?

See the anchor in her left hand?

What's the meaning of the star on her head?

I don't get this one, either. Who is this?

Is this modeled after the person who died?

There are a lot of interesting headstones in my current town of Ithaca. Mt. Olivet cemetery is a fascinating place to go. It's the final resting place of the first Irish settlers to this region.
The headstones list the county in Ireland they came from, as well as birth & death dates, which I find pretty interesting.

Mr. Casey was from County Meath
But this one headstone just needs a question mark, I think.

Are you?