Sunday, May 22, 2011

Of Muffins and Men

After an exhausting week, I decided to wear myself out at home as well. (I never said I was particularly smart.)

Yesterday being an unbearably rare gorgeous day, I resolved to do some work around our yard and try to make it look a little less like the junkyard where Fat Albert & his friends hung out.

I emptied our compost barrel & spread the goodness over what will be my vegetable garden once I dare put my tomato seedlings and seeds in the ground. I cleared 4 wheelbarrows-full of dead leaves & crap off this weird patio we have out behind our garage. We think it may be the foundation to the original house on this property. Anyway, it's like a little concrete stage out back, surrounded by trees and I'd like to make something nice of it, as it's the only shade we have. I also washed our sheets & comforter and put them out on the line to dry in the sun and breeze. Heaven must smell like line-dried blankies, I think. (Wow, this is an exciting post. Jeez.)

I also played with the Hipstamatic app on my phone. You can download different films & lenses to get different effects, and I tell you, the pictures turn out better than they do on my pseudo-DSLR. Here's some I've done, playing around with the different components.

This morning, I wanted to make something different for breakfast, and as I took a slug of coffee out of the beagle mug my friend Gary made, I thought of his many creative muffin recipes he posts on his blog so I made Cheddar Apple Corn Muffins.

They also make a great bread substitute in egg, cheese & sausage breakfast sammiches.


  1. hey, what dogs are those? Gorgeous pics grrrl, just wonderful :)

  2. My friend Christen's little weiner dog, Dexter, and her yellow lab, Indy. Dexter is a hoot & a half and Indy is the doggiest of dogs.

  3. I can't wait to eat a breakfast sammich.

  4. I will make you all the breakfast sammies you want. And chicken Kiev.

  5. I nominated you for an award. It's for adorableness. I got one and we're supposed to pass it on to other adorables.

  6. Sweet!! Can we start an adorables club???