Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drinkin' in the alley on a Tuesday

I had to go downtown and pick up a gift certificate that was being donated for work from a lovely bar called Felicia's Atomic Lounge. I figured while I was there, I would have myself a drink and see if the husband wanted to join me for one. The humidity here finally broke and there was a wonderful breeze, so I propped myself up in the alley with all its recycled art and had a Key Lime-tini while I waited for Brett to show.

And finally, color me nutty, but that don't look like a Chinstrap Penguin to me.

(I like how the real penguin and meerkats are staring at this yabbo like it's a circus freakshow.)


  1. This giraffe is suffering from a huge identity crisis. Poor, plastic lunatic.

  2. "Stay behind the clear plastic barrier, Li'l Sherman. You never know when a Chinstrap Penguin will turn on you."
    "Aw, Mom."

  3. and the penguin on the left looks PISSED about it

  4. He hates penguins who try to pass.