Tuesday, June 22, 2010

But Walter, he was a daredevil, just like his old man.

In his wilder days, Walter had a daredevil streak.  It got him into some tight situations, and thank goodness, he's (mostly) seen the error of his ways. One brisk winter's day, a simple ice fishing trip with some pals almost turned into tragedy.

Walter & Clarence got a few of the fellas together one weekend to do a little ice fishing.

Inevitably, there was some beer involved. Much beer.

Things were said, feelings hurt.

With a flourish of a rude finger, Walter stormed off.

Clarence tried to reason with him, get him to stay, but Walter would hear none of it.

Walter made his way from Stewart Park over to Ithaca Falls.

In his anger (and inebriation) Walter decided he'd show THOSE guys who was a real daredevil.

He crept down to the water's edge and hopped aboard an ice floe.  He knew immediately that he had made a grave, grave mistake.

The current caught him and began tugging the ice floe away from shore.

He was being pulled right into Ithaca Falls!!

Danger loomed ahead.

Walter saw his life pass before his eyes.  This couldn't be the end!!

The mist soaked his face and angry roar of the cascading water filled his ears.


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