Monday, June 21, 2010

Clarence & Walter go on vacation - PART DEUX

Picking up where we left off...
Something went horribly wrong with Clarence's stunt.

Their curiosity got the best of them ...

... with terrifying results.

They became crane operators for the day.

Clarence begged Walter to make it slow down. Walter rolled his eyes.

They enjoyed a somewhat unconventional sail.

They did not, however, get a sufficient lesson in steering their craft.

Walter suggested they go east, toward the pretty lady on shore.

Turning on the charm, Walter called out to the pretty lady and her companion.

"Hey man, a little help, please?"

Shunned and ignored, both Walter and Clarence directed an unfriendly hand gesture toward the people on shore.

At this point, Clarence was afraid he was getting sunburned...

... and Walter appeared to be getting seasick.

Looking over the edge into the water's incalcuable depths proved to be a mistake.

As was choosing to forgo a high-SPF sunscreen.


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