Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Perils of Walter, PART TWO!

When we last left Walter, he was trapped on an ice floe, being drawn against his will into the angry base of Ithaca Falls.

As he drew closer to the pounding sheets of foamy water, Walter closed his eyes and began the bargaining that accompanies such situations:

 "I SWEAR, if I get out of this, I won't do any more stunts. EVER!"

Some benevolent being decided to take Walter at his word, because the current shifted and Walter was drawn away from the bottom of the falls.

Walter nearly collapsed in joy when the ice chunk he was riding reached shore and he jumped off to safety.

He went to the Commons to join his ice fishing pals at the Chili Festival where Clarence soon learned the dangers of addressing the wrong end of a horse ...

... and Felix met an untimely end in a trash explosion.


  1. I think I've fallen in love with Walter and Clarence. I always fall for the bad boy.

  2. I had a friend in college who found a plastic lizard on the street- a lot like C&W- and doing some random research learned that "dinosaur" means "terrible lizard." So he would admonish his dinosaur in a very fey voice saying, "You're a terrible lizard! Just terrible!"