Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Never leave your password where an Uggly Wuggly can find it ...

So while our lady is recuperating from the holiday weekend, Clarence and I managed to get the camera hooked up, downloaded our photos from the weekend and hacked our way into her blog.
We stowed away as she traveled to Syracuse to celebrate the Fourth of July with her family.  Little did she know that we were meeting up with family too!

Clockwise from top:
Wanda, Walter's twin sister
Sidney, Clarence's cousin
Vernadette, Wanda's friend
Felix, Clarence & Walter's no-good friend

We met Lady's grandmother. She ignored our request for a sip of her beer.

As did her dad. He was not amused.

We distracted him with a jar of peanuts and snagged us our own beer.

We could've used a straw or two.

The ogre they called "Uncle Bob" was quite frightening.

We began to formulate a plan.

..."And BREAK!"

Our intimidation plan was in full swing.


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  1. Is there anything more intimidating then coming at someone with your arms flailing about in the air? I think not.