Friday, July 2, 2010

Celebrity Crush Time!

I accidentally saw part of the Today show recently and it inspired this topic. My husband and I have been married for 6 years this fall, together for 13, and therefore are allowed the indulgence of a few celebrity crushes. His top crush, which he has told me repeatedly, is Ann Curry from the Today Show. Uh huh. Ann Curry. Today Show. I know she's exotic and all, and she does come off as the "smart" person on the show, but eh? Natalie Portman also makes his list, and I believe, a tie between Janice from the Muppet Show and Kristin Chenoweth.

So therefore, my celebrity crushes are listed below:

Whether he was Lane Myer from Better Off Dead, Hoops McCann from One Crazy Summer, or Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything, I love John Cusack. He is adorable, dark, wore black Chucks and a trenchcoat, listened to Fishbone, kickboxed, and tried so hard to be taken seriously in the ridiculous situations he was put in in those movies. And LLOYD DOBLER, man! "I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen." Lloyd Dobler set the bar pretty damn high for high school guys; most of the ones I dated fell well short of Lloyd, even if they were determined not to "buy, sell or process" anything sold, bought or processed. He still makes me swoon, although crap like Hot Tub Time Machine is making it more difficult.  Ya hear me, John?

Okay, I have to admit, this started primarily in response to Brett oohing over Natalie Portman being in the Star Wars prequels. But then I started seeing him in more films and was thoroughly charmed.  He chooses quirky roles in unusual movies and seems delightfully silly. But I really took notice of him after my friend LB made me watch the Long Way Round documentary series where he rides motorcycles around the world with his friend Charlie. It showed a definite goofy side of him, and it was really touching that at times on the journey, particularly when they were making their way through Mongolia, he was genuinely scared- especially when they had to cross water. He made my list for sure when I saw the last episode when he's reunited with his wife after being apart from her for over 3 months. He just scooped her right up and kissed the HECK out of her- it was adorable. They have been married forever and have two daughters, and he has all three of his girls' names in a gigantic tattoo on his arm (you can see a bit of it in this photo) that he has to have covered with makeup in every movie he's in.

He is the lead singer and main songwriter in a band called Mumford and Sons that I am CRAZY over.  Beautiful, heartfelt songs, mostly of heartbreak and the redemption that follows. The month that I discovered them, I listened to their album a minimum of three times a day, no lie. He's a very young pup, but his lyrics are world-weary and full of hard-won romantic insights. He is apparently extremely shy, as I've seen in interviews on the web and in this photo that a fan took. This guy asked him after a performance if he could take his portrait. Marcus said yes, smiled awkwardly, and looked down at the ground. ADORABLE!

God help me, I'm not kidding. I have such a thing for Abraham Lincoln. Maybe he was no conventional looker, probably wasn't a real cool dancer, but what a wit! And just a damned real good guy. Boyo could work a stovepipe hat like nobody's bidness. And we know how he enjoyed the theatre. He was probably totally buff from all that log-splitting, too.


  1. maude met John Cusack back in 1990 at a party and did not know him and he said he was an actor and she asked if he acted in anything? !!!
    better Off dead = one of the FUNNIEST movies of all time!

  2. ANN CURRY?! Is he kidding with that? She
    She asks the most inane questions and treats everyone like they are children. Do you know any elementary school teachers? You know how they sort of talk to everyone like they are 8? That is Ann Curry.
    GAH! No one can walk away from an Ann Curry interview and think it went well cuz she asks the dumbest questions EVER that have no reasonable response. Okay. Enough about Ann. Let's move on to your crushes.
    Good. All good and reasonable crushes.

  3. Thank you!
    And one more reason to worship Maude!