Thursday, July 1, 2010

Damned boys ...

I should've known there would be some repercussions from me commenting that I enjoy "guyishness." Last night was our friend Karl's last night in town before he moves to NYC, so my husband and our friend Dan went out for drinks with him. I was tucked up all nice in my bed with a snoozing doggy on either side of me, when I am awakened by the two of them returning at about 2am. Lots of incoherent drunken stammering. I put my earplugs in and went back to sleep. I was woken AGAIN about an hour later by my friend Dan singing something from Les Miz at the top of his lungs. Now Dan has a very nice voice & he's actually a trained tenor (IC school of music) but I did not want to hear a version of I Dreamed a Dream so damn loud I could hear it through my industrial-strength earplugs. I stomped on the floor and he shut up. This morning, after I dragged my weary self out of bed- husband passed out on the couch downstairs still- and see the debris they left after post-bar snack. Yup, salsa strewn across the counter, jar left out. And then the topper:

A mosquito-type bug and a moth, trapped under the lid of a plastic cake container (the last piece of red velvet cake had also been eaten, bastards).

Thank you. Right in front of the coffee.  I am presuming I am going to have a delicious and very nice dinner out somewhere tonight.

Dan is an interesting friend to have.  He and Brett were college roommates. Brett dated this girl, Polly, in high school. They broke up before he went to college, but they stayed friends. She came up to I.C. one weekend for a party at the boys' place, met Dan, fell in love and were married in 2002. I also went to college with Dan, but didn't know him then.  HOWEVER, one day I was looking through my pictures of Fountain Day- on the last day of classes, as the last class of the day ends, all the seniors would meet up and jump into the fountains on our campus. With a great deal of booze involved. I found this picture of me, my roommate and a friend, and who is that in the background, but Dan!

<- There is Dan.

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