Monday, July 12, 2010

an exciting weekend

To start, Minchy & I took a long walk saturday morning and saw this pair of underpants discarded on the rec trail:

The dogs, post- walk.

Then today, I joined Gary's lovely wife Maude in some berry-picking. I allowed two of the Uggly Wugglies, Walter & Wanda, to join us.

Walter offered Wanda a beautiful flower.

She ate it.
They enjoyed a peaceful ride in the berry basket until ...
... the bloodstained hands from hell descended upon them!
Then we joined Gary & Penny back home.
Walter enjoyed some chips and Wanda enjoyed the piggie on the bowl's rim.
Gary and Walter shared a chip.
Maude expressed dismay at the boys' behavior.
I let those damn ugglies walk all over me, I tell ya.
You just can't take them anywhere nice.


  1. KERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGLY WUGGLIES!

  2. Walter and Wanda seem to have the same temperament as Georges. ;)

  3. those berries look divine.... and those rowdy lizards are too funny

  4. I've been eating those berries nonstop since about 8pm last night.

  5. I feel like there's an inordinate amount of outdoor sexing going on in the Ithaca area.