Friday, July 30, 2010

A Lake Adventure for Clarence & Walter

A couple little Uggly Wugglies stowed away today as I went to spend the day at Taughannock Park. I'll let them tell the story.

Once we decide it too late for lady to kick us out, we climb out of her bag and get our own seat on bus.

Man, these seats are wild!!

I tells Clarence to get up on this piece wood here so's we can be seeing the things better.

Hey, Walter, I see North Carolina from here!

That no lighthouse, that power plant, dumbazz.

Hey, a ship off in teh distance! We are saved! Oh THANK GOD!!! Hello! Over here! SOS!!

Jeez loueez, Clarence, we not shipwreck. Hey, mebbe there be pretty lady on board! Let's flash 'em!

Once again, I lecture Clarence on proper sun protection. He think melanoma is joke. I say, who be laughing when you all wrinkle and I still smooth and foxy?

And now I shall venture forth into the wilds to hunt the elusive snipe!

It is a wily creature... shy, cagey, yet delicious.

Walter, why are you talking all funny like the crocodile guy?

Because I am a dangeous game hunter! Now get out of my way, or I shall have to trounce you with my big stick of danger!

Heh heh. That's what she said.

That doesn't even make sense.

We ride the waves for HOUR!

We keeps finding treasure that wash up on shore.

But corn?? 

I sells seashells by the seashores!

I just likes to eats them!

Dammit, Clarence, those are mine shells!!

nom, nom, nom

After awhile, Clarence get tired.

I get tired too, so I lay down in bed of moss.

Lady was nice enough to pick us up and take us back home on bus again. Driver happy to see us and ask how day went. He nice guy. From Ukraine originally! Time to rest up so can have more adventure!


  1. OHMYFECKINGOD. I am so glad you wore your hat. That's what she said....

  2. What is up with those bus seats!? Wild indeed.

    I love Clarence an Walter and their crazy ways. They are adventurers.

  3. Yeah, I don't know whose acid-induced nightmare state inspired them to design the fabric on those seats...