Saturday, July 17, 2010

Berry-pickin' & pizzas

What a beautiful day today was!
First, I joined Maude & Gary at Viva for tacos & burritos.
Georges Le Soq got a little fresh, it seems.

The Uggly Wugglies tagged along to do some berry-picking.

Walter made sure to bring an appropriate hat.

"Now, see, we split the berries five ways."

Walter's decision was not a popular one.

The berries were enormous-- we just couldn't stop picking!

Gary, Maude & Georges joined us for beers & pizzas back at our house.

Georges says, "Hooray beer!"

A couple of Red Stripes, though, and Georges was swinging from a vine like Tarzan.

Le Cirque de Ugglie!

Left to right: 
Clarence's pet trout, Fred
Walter's nephew, Teabo
Felix's pet parrot, Ethel

"We worship the fire god, Frank!"

Brett made us delicious pizza with homemade whole-wheat crust on the pizza stone on the grill. Rice-cheese, fresh tomatoes & garlic and basil right out of the garden. Yuuuuuuummmmm!


  1. Maude's wearing her BABB shirt! OH MY GOD isn't she just the greatest?!
    I can't believe/totally love you have little wicker hats for the Ugglie Wugglies! Those guys have the greatest adventures. It seems all adventurers wear hats. Just like Indiana Jones and Jack Sparrow.

  2. le cirque de uglie!!!!! Thanks so much Kerry and Brett :)

  3. I have other hats I have not yet introduced- hee hee!
    I have been looking everywhere for a abe lincoln stovepipe hat for Clarence. I think there's a good story there...

  4. I worship the pizza god, he is great!