Thursday, August 16, 2012

E is for ...

Boy this is going to be totally random.

E... what to do with E?

Ha ha! You were expecting a bug maybe?

Eww, no.

Emancipation Proclamation?
Not today, but still very important.

Then it occurred to me that four authors whose work I'm reading now have names beginning with E:

E.B. White
("Is Sex Necessary" written with James Thurber)
White & Thurber
e.e. cummings
(Collected poems)
e.e. cummings

Ernest Hemingway
("The Sun Also Rises," "A Moveable Feast," and a biography of him)

Doesn't this look photoshopped? Like it's on a kids' show set or something?


Eric Griffith
("Kali: The Ghosting of Sepulcher Bay")


Also- Elvis died 35 years ago today.


(But Shelley Fabares is still around. As far as I know. And her name doesn't begin with E so she doesn't really warrant a mention here today.)

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