Monday, August 13, 2012

C is for ...

Normally the answer to this one would be "cookie." But today, C is for Cousins.

I'm blessed with a large amount of very cool people I'm proud to call cousins. Some are first, some are second, some I'm not quite sure how you label them. Doesn't matter. My allotment is fairly evenly split male and female but for today's post, I'm just talking girls.

Two of my favorites, Jennifer and Lisa, came up to visit this weekend and we had a roaring good time.

Jennifer, me, Katie, and Lisa

For the past several years, almost all the girl cousins on my mom's side of the family (along with the aunties and grandma) have gotten together to celebrate our big birthdays- the 4-0s, the 5-0s, the 6-0s even.  Next month is my (early) 40th birthday party. I should start charging the camera batteries now.


  1. Oh, my god, you guys are the cutest. I want to be a cousin!
    ~ "LB"

  2. I TOTALLY want to be your cousin! Brett's too!