Saturday, August 28, 2010


It has been a most tiring 48 hours.
On Wednesday, Brett & I went to see two bands play at Castaways- Free Energy & Titus Andronicus. We saw Free Energy a couple months ago and they were incredible. This time there more than 12 people there and we were clearly the oldest folks present. Brett wasn't crazy about T.A.- too loud/screamy/punk for him. I find that stuff to be kind of a tonic, honestly.
Castaways is one of the few places you can hang out on the water, odd for a town on a lake. Relatively cheap beers, deck on the inlet, tiki bar on weekends in the summer, and apparently the best wings in town, although I don't know because I don't like chicken wings.
I took Thursday off because I knew I would be out late the night before and most likely, partially deaf. It's a good thing I did because my assistance was needed in an emergency.

My friend Dan is starting his own private chef business, We threw a dinner party to kick-off his business, inviting a few people we know who have connections to people with money in town to get him started. Of course, that morning, one of the biggest days of his life, his dog got attacked by another dog. His wife, Polly, had her out on a walk at the time. Apparently it was their neighbor's dog, and one that their dog, Rhea, was friendly with. Dan needed the car to get stuff to prepare for the dinner, so I met Polly & Rhea at the vet hospital. Their regular vet didn't have hours that day and the other vet in their town was in surgery and couldn't see her. So they took her the pet hospital in Petsmart, which took her right away and treated her very well. The poor thing needed to be sedated (fortunately, not completely & intubated) to check for a puncture in her thoracic cavity and when dogs get into fights like this, sometimes the muscle can get separated from the bone and leave a space that fills up with fluid or infection.
The Kieyls & Rhea
Anyway, we checked Rhea in, got ourselves some lunch, and went to my house and set up for the party. Polly was also going to be the server. But when she returned from picking Rhea up at the vets', she was shaken up enough to have to go straight home. Rhea had been in shock before, so she was acting as if nothing was really wrong. Now, after time had gone by and her injuries had been prodded, she was really hurting, doped up full of pain meds & antibiotics, and had to wear The Cone of Shame. All of which upset Polly to no end, and she took her dog home to take care of her and missed out on the dinner. Which was lovely and exceptionally well-received.
And Rhea is doing well today, royally pissed off that she must wear The Cone of Shame, but healing.
But man, I am exhausted now, and aiming for a good solid nap the minute I get home from work today.
Cool picture of fire in the chiminea & the party lights


  1. Oh you're a great friend!!
    I love the glasses at the table! Love it. I have some strawberry shortcake glasses my Dad got me.
    I don't like chicken wings either. I like chicken. I just don't care for eating chicken all weird like that. Off the bone and with my hands. I like forks.

  2. GEEZ, dog fights, NO! It has been insane here for a couple of days or weeks: I fell asleep this afternoon too!

  3. I have this thing about meat on the bone. I can't do it-if we're somewhere and I have to eat it, my husband will pick it off for me, like I'm a 3 year old. Which I appreciate.

    This is the 2nd dog attack that's happened to a dog I know in the past 6 weeks! Almost identical injuries too. One of my coworkers has a little schnauzer named Schnitzel. She had her at the Gimme Coffee on Cayuga Street and noticed there was a guy there with a big bruty type dog and the dog was really eyeing Schnitzel. Laurie started getting a bad feeling and decided to leave, crossing the street to her car. They were almost all the way across when the other dog broke free of his collar and just dove on Schnitzel- grabbed her by the neck and started shaking her. She's fine now- good as new- but she had no punctures or skin wounds anywhere. The damage was the separation of her muscle tissue from the bone and skin that put her in the hospital for a week. Scary stuff. My dogs ain't going nowhere for awhile.

  4. Yay! That's super nice of him. I don't like it either. Like ribs. Maybe the meat is fine but I'm not going about eating it in such a way. I've tried them once in my life. At my aunt's retirement party. I was going to pull a little bit off, but her girlfriend said I had to eat it off the bone. NO! Give me forks or give me death.