Friday, September 3, 2010

I.R. Shame

I have been a delinquent blogger lately.
I've had ideas, but either I don't have access to the photos I want while I'm doing this at work (shh) or I fall into an exhausted heap when I get home.
I promise to be better.
Some interesting things lately:
  • there's a flock of wild turkeys that are hanging around South Hill. I passed them on 96B driving to work the other day. I swear one of them waved back when I beeped.
  • I got our Kazoo Band at work to perform at our Annual Campaign kick-off event at Barnes & Noble on October 30th. Yes, the senior community where I work has a club called the Mad Hatters' Kazoo Band. They are SERIOUS. They have rehearsals & arrangements and special hats for different performances. They were very excited about this event and went straight to work on special hats for the performance.
  • Another hobo sighting- they must know I'm friends with Gary. Brett & I were at the Ale House for dinner, waiting at the bar for our table and enjoying a delicious beer when a homeless guy toddles up to the bar and yells, "Barkeep! A glass of water here!" The bartender, who was pouring drinks for other PAYING customers, very nicely told him he'd be with him in just a minute, then gave the dude a glass of water, which he sucked down and then left the place after thanking the bartender with a fistbump.
  • I fixed my ipod. The screen was doing a faded version of the WSoD (white screen of death) but I learned how to reset it and downloaded the software updates so it's good as new now. Whew.
  • I finally read the last Harry Potter book. I bought it when it first came out, but for some reason, I didn't dig right in (very unlike me) and just flipped to the back to see if Harry lived or not. 
  • What the hell is up with T. Rex's lyrics??? Seriously- he makes Lewis Carroll's jabberwocky sound like an automobile owner's manual.
  • I ate a grilled peanut butter, cream cheese & pickle sandwich last night. It was surprisingly really really good. I know, I also worried for my sanity.
  • I just ordered us a new vegetable/rice steamer.
  • We are not attending the family NJ clambake festivities this year. We decided we're just beat from everything going on, and since we want to dress up & go whole hog at the Rhiner Fest next weekend, we thought it best to save up our energy (and money). I'm all for any event that turns Castaways into a waterside speakeasy, complete with secret password.
  • We celebrated Minchy Day on Wednesday. It has been 7 years since Minchy joined us. I feel bad that we didn't do anything exciting- we usually have his doggie friends over for play- but we'll take a long walk Saturday morning that hopefully will make up for it.


  1. MINCHY BABY!!!! penny sez she'd like to meet up and...kick his azz. That doesn't sound very friendly, but you know how she is!
    Teh fecking hobos, jaysus...
    if bored, Kerry and Brett, stop here by 5 on saturday and the beers will flow like wine :)

  2. Gary, we may take you up on that. Will call first!

  3. I recently had fried pickles for the first time. So good. I was surprised. I love pickles and I loved fried things, but didn't know how well they would mesh.

    Happy Minchy Day to all!

    I love that they have a kazoo band. That would be the only kind of band I could join. Okay, maybe triangles too.