Saturday, August 7, 2010

They ain't freaks, they're family!

Next Friday, Brett & I will travel down to Morristown, NJ for my aunt & uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party. They are renewing their vows. It's a pretty special occasion, as my aunt has been fighting stage III aggressive breast cancer the past year & a half and seems to be winning.

My NJ cousins are CRAZY. Every year around Labor Day weekend, they throw a huge family clambake in one of their backyards. They rent cotton candy & popcorn machines, cook an unfathomable amount of food, and build a waterslide.

Now, I don't think they're doing all this for the wedding weekend, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had something similarly over-the-top planned.

Here's some pictures of the last clambake I went to.  Maybe later I'll post the photos of the fudge fight we had in one of our hotel rooms at the last family wedding. (No euphemism- it really was candy fudge.)

Under the tent, looking out at the slide.

Aunt Mary Margaret & cousin Maggie II, with the top of the waterslide in the background.

Looking down the slide into the "pool" at the end.

Yes, the big kids go down the slide too. It's a point of honor.


  1. They love to have parades too. One time they led a parade around the block at my parents' house. My oldest cousin Mike led with a toilet plunger for a staff. My aunt mary margaret wore my brother's bear claw slippers & pigeon hat. My mom put one of my sister's dance costume sparkly pillbox hats on my uncle's head- he grabbed this old tin cup they had & they followed the parade like an organ grinder & her monkey. I think my cousin Susan & I followed on our rollerskates with my dog. We were always a sight for the neighbors.