Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dream a little dream of P(funk)

So my friend Gary posted today about dreams and it reminded me of one of my favorites.

I dream quite frequently, always in color, always very vivid and real. There's usually some kind of plotline involved, although this particular one took the cake.

I dreamed the Little Rascals were putting on a show to save their clubhouse- the usual plot familiar to anyone who watched that show. Act after act went on the raggedy stage, with the curtain made of sewed-together blankets and rags:  Alfalfa burping up soap bubbles trying to sing, Darla tap-dancing, Buckwheat I think making a monkey do back-flips on command.

Then Spanky came out on stage and addressed the audience.
"Ooh! The Mothership's here!"

"Tonight we have a real special treat for you tonight. Please help me welcome our very, very special guests... George Clinton and P-Funk!"

Oh yeah.

George Clinton, with the boots and the feathers and the wild multicolored hair, comes out on stage with Bootsy Collins and the rest and they launch into some wild funk.

The crowd goes wild.

"Really? You want us to give up the funk?"
As they finish one song, George invites Our Gang up on stage to perform with them. At this point in the dream, I am now a kid in the audience who rushes the stage with all the others. I'm standing a couple rows back on stage, watching Spanky play his cigar-box banjo alongside Bootsy. Alfalfa, wearing a pair of Bootsy's outlandish sunglasses, looks back at me and smiles a huge gap-toothed grin as he bobs his head in time to the music.

When I told my sister this dream, she just sat back and looked at me in alarm.

"Promise me you'll never do any drugs, because if this is how your mind works sober ..."


  1. speaking of.... :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf1ZmTxXTEw

  2. Hilarious. I just dreamed I was chatting it up with a pimp named p-funk and snoop dog which is what led me on a search and up your blog. Vivid - cool n funny dream. Thanks for sharing.