Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tear You Birthday A New A-Hole, LB

My friend LB & I have this strange fixation with Bigfoot. It started with Graham Roumieu's HILARIOUS book, Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir. From the product description: Like many reclusive celebrities, Big Foot is misunderstood. In his touching memoir Me Write Book he wants to set the record straight, proving that although he’s larger, hairier, and more foul-smelling than most of us, he’s really not so different underneath.
Only the most coldhearted among us could look on without compassion as this hirsute Everyman struggles bravely with casual cannibalism, Pringles potato crisps, embarrassing moments with peach Schnapps, the desperate loneliness of personal ads, and philosophical quandaries.
Readers will never forget the plaintive voice from the wilderness that howls from every page of this searing, intimate account of a man-beast in the promised land. Do yourself a favor and don't pick up this book unless you're wearing rubber pants; you'll need 'em.

Anyway, Me Write Book turned out to be a gateway to bad Bigfoot movies, then a Bigfoot doll that came with a stamp pad to make footprints, etc. So for her birthday this year, I asked my very talented friend Gary Rith to make a Bigfoot Tea Set.
So, here 'tis, LB, Happy Birthday! One of these days I'll get around to sending it to you, or we'll save it till you make it here next.
For comparison's sake, so you can see how big these mugs are.

1 comment:

    DO NOT MAIL IT. What if they break???? How the heck am I gonna get them???? Stupid car!! THANK YOU!!! AND THANK YOU MR. FANCY RITH! :D :D :D
    OMG. EVERY TIME I see the foot at the bottom it's gonna shock me, and I'm gonna laugh. HAA.