Friday, June 17, 2011

Plastic Planking

On orders from the Right Reverend Awesome, here are my planking shots.
I had the day off today & was home with the pups, who are not great at taking photographs, so my 'plankers' are my toy army men & the centurion who lives in my fridge.
PB & Plank

Cut the Mustard Plank

Potter's Pieces Plank


  1. Man, I love it that you have toy army men (and a centurion!) in your fridge. (effin car.)

  2. Oh, they will still be there when you come visit. In fact, there may be more of their brigade. The guy on the peanut butter jar I found out in the side yard, so who knows what else may crop up??

  3. Excellent planking photos! Its hard to plank solo, this is genius.