Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm a winner- the button says so.

I did it! 50,015 words in 30 days.
And it was 30 days of my very busiest time at work, along with a crazy holiday and birthday celebration thrown in there for good measure.
While I am VERY impressed with my certificate and web buttons, I am more pleased with the fact that taking this challenge on has helped me establish a daily writing habit again, which I haven't done since college. All the excuses I've given myself- I'm too drained after work, there's not enough time at night, blah blah blah- have all been proven pointless.
So now? Finish the story (oh yeah, 50,000= not even close to done), polish 'er up, and see if I just might be get a publisher interested.


  1. YAY! Congrats! What did you think of teh whole process? Did the words start flowing as the month went on or did it get more difficult? That's one hell of an accomplishment. You've earned that winner button!

  2. It was easier than I thought. Somedays it was hard to get started, but what helped was planning out where I wanted to go when I finished the night before, so I knew roughly what I would be writing the next day. It also really helped to remember E.B. White's words: 'Don't get it right. Just get it written.' I didn't care about whether it was any good or not- I just wrote what I wanted to. I'm starting back up tonight- Brett even made me own graph so I can continue to measure my word count progress!

  3. Holy Cats - what a challenge - good job!