Sunday, October 10, 2010

F you and the Alan Parsons Project too

I'm too tired and sunburned to post the latest chapter in the Uggly Wugglies saga (I lost another Clarence; let's leave it at that for now).

I traveled to my hometown this weekend for my dad's birthday. In addition to hanging out with the old man and going out to dinner with him and my siblings (my mom is away with her sisters celebrating Auntie J's successful battle with breast cancer) visits home always include some kind of technological maintenance work on my part.

While my dad, who graduated with a minor in computer science in 1976, is a very bright man, he does not seem to understand passwords. The general concept of them. So he doesn't bother to remember them. Or write them down. So as my folks' desktop computer is in its death-throes and he wants to check his email on my mom's laptop which will require him to use webmail instead of the mail program he had been using, I had to change his password, as he didn't have a clue what the original one may have been.

The other part of my technological journey this weekend has been helping my brother load and use an iTunes gift card. My brother is a character, as I've mentioned here before. His musical selections on this day were, um, interesting. In addition to some admittedly awesome soul tunes, here are the songs he purchased that I was not able to block from my mind:

Afternoon Delight- Starland Vocal Band

The Hustle - Van McCoy & the Soul City Symphony

The Stroke- Billy Squier

Freeze Frame- J. Geils Band

And the piece de resistance, Al Stewart's "Time Passages":

I thank whatever gods may be that he ran out of money before he could buy anything by the Alan Parsons Project.