Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello, 2015

Well, here I am again.
I'm starting the new year with a resolution to post more frequently- once a week is the goal I'm setting for myself.

It may be crap, it may be whining, it may be something funny that I saw, it may be me standing on my soapbox outraged about something, it may be gratuitous photos of my dogs, it may be the Uggly Wugglies taking over again. I can't guarantee it will be good, but it will be weekly.

So to start us off, here's some photos of my adventure with Minchy today.

Minchy is a very high energy beagle- Jack Russell mix. In spite of his twelve years, there is nothing he loves more than a good walkie. We tend to favor the South Hill Rec Trail because it's in the neighborhood- just a couple of blocks away. But we keep a NY State Parks Pass because we're blessed/spoiled with several amazing parks all within a couple minutes of us.

These are not fitness walks- not for me, anyway. The beagle in him really comes out and I would estimate he spends about 3/4 of the time sniffing and peeing on things. It's a challenge sometimes, especially when we're by the lake, because I want to check out the water and he wants to pee on the trees and barbecue grills.

It's also our special time together when he gets all my attention. Frances and Ozzie are such love-hogs that I rarely get to cuddle with Minchy without one of them barreling over and pushing him out of the way to get to me. So we make a big deal of it- when we're driving to a park, I'll usually stop for coffee and we share a sandwich on the way to our destination. (We used to share the teeny hash browns from Dunkin Donuts but all of a sudden he disliked them which has made me think maybe I shouldn't be eating them either.)

He's going to be extra happy because he doesn't usually get an adventure on a Thursday.

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  1. dashing little dude in his sweater, and YES, post, you are so funny!