Thursday, January 12, 2012

Burn this, mofos

Okay, I've been sorely lax in blogging lately. I'm trying to be responsible in implementing my New Year's resolutions and the first has been to write every day. I signed up for a challenge to write 750 words a day in January, and so far I've held to my streak. (The site is There are lots of badges you can earn and stats which I love.) It's mostly drivel I'm doing- just 750 words that come out of my head, sometimes with the help of a writing prompt. But the point is to develop a daily writing habit and bulk up that muscle, so to speak. I have to add working out next week, glorioso mergatroid, it won't be pretty.

Anyway, in the meantime, I leave you with my new obsession (besides Pinterest): Suri's Burn Book. It's a Tumblr someone created with Suri Cruise's imagined snarky comments about other celebrity children's fashion. Catty, surprisingly touching, and always sharp. I highly recommend it, if only for Suri's battle with Harper Beckham and her reserved yet genuine respect and admiration for Louis Bullock.


Britney Spears posted this photo of her son on her blog, saying, 
“Jayden is having some hair raising fun on the trampoline!”
Two things I hate: static and redneck backyards.


  1. redneck frontyards too---we have neighbors with the trampoline in their redneck SIDE yard.....and in front, it is furniture on the porch and Keystone boxes and.....

  2. Congrats on the 750 words per day! Thats really awesome.

    I gotta go check out this burn book...