Friday, February 11, 2011

Tell me when you remove major appliances from the house!

Today has been a weird day and it's only 10:36am.
I have the day off, so I got to sleep in, with my dogs cuddled around me.
I went downstairs, coffee's already made- woo hoo! (Since I get up before my husband, I always end up making the coffee. Change is nice.)
With my coffee in my new YetiWare mug (thanks, Gary!) I went to the living room to check my email while I drank it.
The TV was missing. (And we really need to dust in here, apparently.)
Stop breathing, heart stop beating. Then I looked around and noticed other electronics were still here. Hmm. Brett has a big donor event this evening. I get a text from him a few minutes later saying, "Sorry, I didn't tell you I'm taking the tv for work tonight." Thanks, I needed those new gray hairs.
My goal today is to write, but I'm already having a hard time focusing (not to mention all the texts I'm getting from Brett- "can you bring the camera down tonight?" "And the flip camera if it's still here?"). My horoscope is actually right: It may be challenging to finish your chores because you are more scattered than usual today. 
My horoscope is typically boring, common sense advice. It's stuff like, "Give up any plans for fun today, as your work will need your full attention. Don't worry, it will pay off in the end, although you won't see any results for some time." Yay. My horoscope is the astrological equivalent of "eat your brussels sprouts, they're good for you."


  1. That is probably the coolest mug I have ever seen in my life.
    There was a book a few years back: Who moved my cheese? Yours might be Who moved my TV, esp. on a gawdamn vacation day when I could be watching movies with my dogs all afternoon and sipping martinis and eating caramel corn??? THANKS FOR NOTHING BRETT, the coffee is just not gonna make up for it....
    That would be quite a book title indeed. Luckily Brett is hawt and funny, so we can forgive him :)

  2. If I walked in the living room and the TV was gone I'd probably burst into tears. That's how much I love TV, which is kinda sad, but I'm fine with it. Glad it's just been moved. Whew.
    YETIware is way cool of course!
    Just think of the scattering as inspiration!

  3. Good lawd, Brett! Warn a person!! ;D