Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blue (Haired) Moon

It's been a weird week at work.
It's been slow as hell, for one thing, and every body is in the middle of some mid-winter doldrums that results in a total lack of motivation. We should all be allowed to go home and do whatever we want, because that would be more productive.
Anyway, the seniors in the community where I work are feeling something odd as well, I think.
Yeah, it looked a lot like this. For reals.
In addition to the woman dressed as Rerun from What's Happening (see previous post), on Tuesday, my coworker and I were passing through "ground zero", otherwise known as the mailboxes. Lots of folks mingling around, checking to see what mail they got today. And by us strolls this woman H., wearing some kind of very large pink lacey blanket draped about her head, held in place with a hair clip or two. She gaily waved hello to me and continued on her way, pushing her walker. She looked like an old, white Erykah Badu with that turban. Unfortunately, we had to report this, as H. had a fall recently and hasn't quite been her old self. She never would've even left her apartment without being perfectly dressed, hair perfectly done, lipstick and full makeup in place. And then there was this conversation I overheard shortly before going home:

 Two ladies greeting each other like close old friends. 

Lady 1- I wanted to tell you the good news- Andy's coming home today!
Lady 2- Who?
Lady 1- Andy. My husband.
Lady 2- You're married?
Lady 1- Yes, you know that.
Lady 2- Well, where was he?
Lady 1- (now peeved) In the hospital.


  1. I know, january, uck. But perhaps we shall see you later? :)

  2. Yessir! When are you planning on being at Viva?

  3. That's hilarious!! My sister works at a nursing home. She just loves the residents. She says they are like high schoolers. They're all cliquey, but hilarious. One always calls her a whore. She said they used to be super nice, but they have dementia and now she's a whore. Also, a lot of loving goes on in nursing homes. They had to make a sign for one couple so there wasn't another incident of someone walking in on something they can never unsee.

  4. Oh lord, yes, I've heard of some couples we have in our assisted living. It can be like a frickin' college dorm up there sometimes.